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Visit the Whitecliff
Millbrook Climbing

Cider Doughnut Results, November 2014

Time Being, May 2014

Mission Improbable, May 2014

Erogenous Zone, FA, sort-of April 2014

Paris March 2014

Ozone April 2014

Family visit to Mountain House, March 2014

Twilight Zone, Lindsay Ice & Mixed, Barney in Snow

Christmas in Spain Part I, Barcelona

Christmas in Spain, Part II Calpe (Climbing)

Snow Action Dec/Jan 2013/14

NYC Food Tour Dec/Jan 2013/14

Chunks & Peterskill Bouldering Oct 2013

Erect Direction Rock & Ice Photoshoot Sept 2013

ED2 Sept 2013

ED3 Sept 2013

November 2013 Sam's Point Preserve

October 2013 Fall Hudson Valley Taste Test

October 2013 Dustin & Amelia, High Ex & Arrow

October 2013 Adrienne's visit

July 2013 Damselflies, Rattlesnake, Indigo Bunting

July 2013 Innisfree & Awosting Panorama

June 2013 T&L wedding

June 2013 w/ Jason & Eric: Alphonse

June 2013 w/ Pete & Andy: Realm & Delta Waves

June 2013 w/ Chris & Amelia: Cuckoo Man & Bank Shot

End of May 2013

May 2013 Ty's Graduation

April 2013 Bonticou & The Beach (Air for G & Saucony)

April 2013 Baby Ravens & Cruise Control with Seth

April 2013 Liz & Eamonn Wedding in Adirondack Weddings Magazine

April 2013 The Summer FFA 5.12a X

March 2013 Dennings Point & Millbrook Bonsai

March 2013 Verdon Gorge, France

Feb 2013 Stoney Clove, Tombstone

Feb 2013 Stoney Clove East Side, Dustin

Feb 2013 Stoney Clove East Side, Doug & Wes

Feb 2013 Stoney Clove West Side

Jan 2013 Rockland Bakery & SoHo Food Shops

Dec 2012 Colorado & Such

Nov 2012 Remembrance at the Bank and Lost City Cragging

October 2012 CCK & Smiling the Hard Way

Bank Oct. 2012 Blue Streak, Splashtic, Westward Ha!

Bank Sept. 2012 Inshallah, Danger UXB, Retro, MissLinks

Bank Sept. 2012 HPD, SqMeal, Delta, Fr.Kiss, White Rose

Tough Shift Sept. 2012

Gertrude's Nose Sept. 2012

A new gallery of some of the best shots!

Dinner at Lagusta's, Aug. 2012

Psychedelic & CCK, Aug. 2012

Hudson Walkway & Boscobel, Aug. 2012

White Clouds & Merriam Peak, July 2012

Italy, Switzerland, France July 2012

July 2012, Poko & Creation of the World

June 2012, Disneyland

June 2012, Rogers Rock & other stuff

Rock & Ice submissions

June 2012, Millbrook Swinging C & French Kiss

May 2012, Millbrook Talus

May 2012, Memorial Day Weekend & High Plains Drifter

May 2012, Lobster & Such

May 2012, Tom & Pete at the Bank

May 2012, Jen & Lindsay at the Bank

April 2012, Zion & Red Rocks Free Climbing

March 2012, Tom Gold Streaks, Alex Arrow Wall

Feb 2012, Hidden Pond & Lost City

Feb 2012, Jen's Bday & Brushstroke

Jan 2012, Wallface new route attempt

Jan 16th 2012, Cold Free-Climbing

Oct 30th snowstorm, 2011

Past Recaptured, Nectar Vector, Manifest, Oct 2011

Word of Mouth, Stirrup Solo, Requiem, Wes on Fire, Oct 2011

Persistent & Clairvoyance, Oct 2011

CT & LI Loop, Oct 2011

Disco Death March, Sept 2011

Wheel N Heel Triathalon Sept 2011

Sq. Meal & Nectar Vector 2011

Irene Aug 2011

ADK WallFace Aug 2011

ADK mini vacation Aug 2011

Millbrook FA Aug 2011

Millbrook Happiness Aug 2011

Storm King, July 2011

Kenya & Tanzania 2011

Lobstah, Bikes, Rocks, & Macro (an assortment)

Beacon Mountain Biking Maps

Gunks Scarlet Tanager & Sanders Kill, June 2011

Gunks Forbidden Zone, May 2011

Gunks Elder Cleavage, May 2011

Long Overdue pictures from Summer 2010
Denmark & Sweden

Bombay Hook, Deleware May,2011

Macro Lens Test


Treasure Trove

A New Route?,Feb 2011

Stony Clove West Side, Jan 2011

Random shots, Jan 2011 (and one from October!)

Wyo,Idaho,Utah, Dec 2010

Stony Clove, East Side, Dec 2010

Gunks, Tyler, Nov 2010

Shelving Rock Nov 2010

Bank in October

Adirondacks Backpacking (3 Trips)

Pay As You Go, Wallface FA

Patrick & Aaron climbing Lessons in History

California: July 2010

Julie & David visit the Gunks: Sixish

Millbrook Talus inspection

White Rose & Cuckoo Man

A day at MillBank Mt.

MillBank Mt. in sections

Click here for a solo trip to Zion

Click here for Building Blocks

Click here for High Exposure in a snowstorm
Page 2 High Exposure in a snowstorm

Click here LockNess,Jay Peak,Mineville Pillar

Click here for Snowday Gunks Action

Click here for more Buttermilk FA action

Click here for Buttermilk FA action

Click here for Skiing Aumick Road, Jan. 2010

Click here for the Kitchen 2009

Click here Thanksgiving 2009

Click here hike of Rocky Peak Ridge

Click here for highlights from last years ice season

Click here for some October snow in the Gunks!

Click here for our 2nd trip to WallFace (Sept 2009)

Click here for our trip to WallFace (August 2009)

Click here for our trip to Wyoming (August 2009)

Click here for our trip to Idaho (July/Aug 2009)

Click here for our trip to Colombia (July 2009)

Click here for a visit to Gunks with Jason B

Click here for a visit to the Lundy Estate

Click here for a visit to Minnewaska with Laurels in bloom

Click here for Joel and I climbing Shockleys Ceiling

Click here for a Great Recipe

Click here for Chrimbus 2011

De Real Deal: April Skiing in the Chic Chocs from Christian Fracchia on Vimeo.

November 15, 2008 Gunks Click here for Nov climbing photos

Basement climbing wall & two photos from Beacon
Click here

David visits the Gunks
Click here to see David Forziati in the Gunks

Michaels Gunks visit April 08
Click here to see some Gunks climbing in April

Here are some photos from Summer 2007
Click here to see photos from summer 2007

Jen at Bonticou May 8 2007

Chic Chocs Video for quicktime. It's large so you may wait a few minutes for it to load